Injury Management and Rehabilitation Policy

effective from 28 Oct 2015 until 30 Sep 2018 Download PDF

It is RPR Trades’ policy to make provision for the occupational rehabilitation of any employee should they sustain a work related injury, illness or disability.

In this context, rehabilitation is defined as:

“A managed process of restoring an injured person to the fullest physical, psychological, social, vocational and economic function of which they are capable ”

Experience has shown that early intervention and effective workplace rehabilitation assists the healing process and helps restore the employee’s normal function sooner. Workplace rehabilitation includes early provision of timely and adequate medical services and suitable duties programs.

RPR Trades Rehabilitation Process aims to:

  • Maintain injured or ill employees at work in meaningful and productive activities; or
  • Ensure the employee’s earliest possible return to work; or
  • Maximise the employee’s independent functioning if return to work is precluded

RPR Trades rehabilitation processes provide physical, psychological, social and financial benefits to employees, whilst minimising disruption to work and reducing costs to the employer and its clients.

RPR Trades is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment, however in the event of an injury or an illness ensuring a structured approach to rehabilitation services for all employees is followed
  • Ensuring appropriate suitable duties are made available to injured or ill employees to facilitate their safe and early return to work. These duties must be medically approved and will be time limited
  • To appointing a person as co-ordinator to oversee the workplace based rehabilitation program
  • To encouraging the expectation that is normal practice, following a work related illness, injury or disability for persons to return as soon as safely possible to appropriate employment
  • Respecting the confidential nature of verbal or written medical information
  • Ensuring all employees are aware that, in the event of injury or illness, they, and their Supervisors, will be consulted to develop their Rehabilitation Plan for a structured, timely and
    safe return to work that will not disadvantage them
  • Complying with legislative obligations with respect to the standard of rehabilitation, confidentiality and privacy
  • Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation as required
  • Reviewing this policy and procedures at least every three years to ensure it continues to meet legislative requirements and the needs of all parties