Creating Fun, Healthy & Safe workplaces without splitting your trousers!

Following on from Alex McRoy’s link – (Fun Theory post) earlier this week, I’m keen to explore how your business is creating fun, healthy and safe workplaces.

Workplace Health and Safety QLD and Corporate Bodies International have some great ideas and resources to get your business started. I would like to hear some live examples from businesses of all sizes and budgets as to what has worked and not worked.

I have previously participated in work sporting teams and seen numerous sporting injuries in the 1 season as well as encouraging squat warm ups in the office with a bad case of split trousers. Management can set a physical activity challenge where they record their PB at the start of each week challenging the team to beat the PB before the end of the week. This can be highly engaging and motivating as everyone wants to get one up on the Management team! (most push ups in 1 minute, longest plank hold, most miles run or steps for the week) are just a few ideas. Please comment and share any of your experiences or ideas. There are a lot of campaigns out there but how do you keep the actions and topic fresh? We have R U Okay day coming up on 8th Sept and Safe Work month in October. Embedding the right culture towards Fun, Healthy and Safe Workplaces is everyone’s responsibility and is imperative senior management are actively involved.

There are plenty of statistics available on:

The cost of absenteeism.
Increased risk of injury with stressed, obese and unhappy workers.
The median working age increasing year on year.
Depression and Chronic disease risk factors.
Some issues faced in the Construction Industry include Fatigue Management, Contract working condition across various sites and varied age demographic. These risks combined with construction industry workers high level of alcohol consumption, smoking levels and dietary habits is why we all need to encourage and get involved in creating Fun, Healthy and Safe Workplaces!

Please get involved and share your ideas and experiences!

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