An Important Message for everyone in Labour Hire

What an essential article highlighting the importance of ensuring that your labour hire arrangements protects your organisation from the risks associated with being determined the direct employer.

“Labour hire or legal fiction? Successfully managing labour hire workers”

by Fiona Austin, Shae McCartney (Clayton Utz)

There are many benefits of using labour hire. Such as simplifying the resourcing of specific skill sets or volume recruitment of resources to meet fluctuating labour demands. The efficiency and effectiveness achieved by this solution has directly resulted in the significant growth of the labour hire industry. The resulting flexibility and the minimisation of costs achieved by the use of labour hire can be quickly diminished if your supplier does not support their service with sound professional advice and a robust process of deployment to protect their clients from claims of a direct employment relationship.

From our vast experience providing labour hire services, at RPR Trades we believe it is essential to minimise any risk to our clients by ensuring that we manage all employee related matters such as Labour Engagement, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Employment Contract, Pay Roll Management and Training, which is supported with regular Visible Employee Interactions.

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