Our team are responsive micro-specialists who rely on a deep knowledge of your industry to deliver high performing, safe and flexible on-hire workforces.

We work hard to ensure you are matched with a safe, stable and effective contingent workforce when and where you need it.

Our aim is to ensure you are better equipped to deliver your projects on-time and within budget, and we craft customised strategies to achieve these outcomes.

The industries in which we specialise are:

  • Energy and Resources
  • Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Civil and Building Construction
  • Power and Utilities
  • Manufacturing, Services and Equipment
  • Government and GOC
  • Defence

Specific initiatives that we undertake to ensure optimal productivity and performance are:

  • Ongoing communication and feedback exchange with employees through dedicated Candidate Services Consultants
  • Regular and consistent site presence through our dedicated Client Services Consultants, who liaise with employees and on-site management regarding all employment and performance related matters
  • Recognition and Reward programs for employees
  • Partnership arrangements with providers of psychometric and skills assessments and surveys, which help to diagnose, assess and understand the skills, capabilities and mindsets that contribute to engaged, safe and productive workforces
  • Partnership arrangements with renowned traineeship and apprenticeship providers, as well as educational institutions, to facilitate the ongoing training and development of our employees
  • Alternative client choices in method of engagement (permanent vs on-hire contractor vs on-hire casual)
  • Customised reporting available to provide information on spend, usage, overtime, compliance and other key metrics.
  • Periodic formal reviews to identify lessons learned, and opportunities for improvement