Being a working Mother is it a Pro or a Con?

There has always been a debate on women who go back to work when they have young children, and if it is good for the children or not. There are always the comments flying around “childcare is not good for children” or “children require full-time care from their mother to develop in life”, and many more.

I have been working full-time since my child was 6 months old and I have had many women comment both positively and negatively on this. Life is hard to balance when working and having children, but I feel it was the best decision for my family at the time to go back to work. Yes, there are many factors affecting your child to take into account when making this decision. However, it reduces a lot of financial stress on the family and supports children by allowing parents to afford more after school activities including sports, healthier food options and general living expenses.

Another Pro from going back to work after having my daughter was being back in a social environment, with a structured routine. As well as being able to provide for my child, this made me a lot more relaxed and greatly reduced my stress. My child has made so many friends in childcare and when she commenced school she was socially, educationally and emotionally ready to start, I also did not have the concerns that I otherwise might have done about her struggling to adapt in the first few months of school.

As stated there are always Cons to every situation. When your child is sick, are you able to be there with them or are you sending them to care/school whilst unwell? I think this one is all dependent on the company you work for and the support you have around you. I work for a very supportive company who always say that family comes first, but not all companies can be this supportive, so this puts extra pressure on parents making this decision. Other Cons can be the cost of care; Childcare and After Hours School Care can be very costly, so each family needs to look at their situation and take this into account. Questions are also asked about whether or not children are being properly taken care of at a care facility. I know that my child has attended great child care facilities who have supported her growth in emotional, education, social and behavioral aspects and I take my hat off to early child care educators and after hours care educators.

More and more often you hear of an increasing number of stay-at-home Dads, as women have made the decision to return to careers that offer higher financial rewards for their family. It is great to hear and see that dads are stepping into a role of supporting children more, I know from my personal life that my partner does as many pick ups and drop offs as I do and I would not be able to do it without him.

So, is it a pro or a con for women to go back to work after having children? This will always be a question and there will always be a debate. I think it is up to the family and mother themselves to be the judge of this and they should not be scrutinized regarding what they decide is best for them and their family. The more employers who follow the RPR Tradesexample and support employees with families, the more we will see happy, positive mothers returning to the workforce.

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