Do You? Will You?

I recently had been listening to a radio program about an amazing Australian James Harrision (Wikipedia) that has made over 1000 blood donations throughout his lifetime, and these donations are estimated to have saved over two million unborn babies in the treatment for Rhesus disease.

Did you know – 1 blood donation can save 3 lives

In June 2016 the Red Cross held their National Blood Donor Week. Blood donation is of course an ongoing need and commitment by everyday people not just something that is done once a year.

With a personal attachment to this cause with a recent operation of a family member who has a rare blood disorder, I wanted to re-promote the importance of giving blood.

I have also worked in Recruitment for many years, with the majority of my career working within the blue collar industries. In Australia though we have excellent safety standards which are embraced more and more by companies of all sizes, injuries do still occur and though the need to ensure the back bone of Australia is kept safe through safety in the workplace, there is also the need that at time of injuries occurring that these front line workers are able to obtain critical lifesaving blood stocks.

Like many others of British descent, I am unable to give blood in Australia, however the vast majority of people who read this will be able too but currently do not. For those that already regularly do donate thank you. For first time wannabe donors or those that have donated in the past and want to donate again and wish to find out more please visit donate blood and follow the simple process to become a future super hero.

RPR trades would love to hear from our On Hire Employees and Clients on any positive steps they take in blood donation. Further promoting and sharing of this post may also just help Red Cross Australia receive the monthly donations required.

What else can I do

For companies of all sizes Red25 is the group donation program of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Their goal is to rally organisations and groups across the country to achieve, together, 25% of the blood donations needed by Australia. For more information on how your company can participate please visit Red25.

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