Every Age Counts…

I recently read an article and it was a very interesting read, Australians are an aging society and as an employer I try to help every candidate as much as I can. I know how hard it is in finding candidates right now. We can learn and teach each others from our own experiences, no matter your age, so why are employers discriminating against your age?

“There is a real dissonance between people’s beliefs and what is actually happening.”

The research found that ageist attitudes were most prevalent around employment with one-third of respondents saying employers should be able to force older workers into reduced roles, one-quarter saying bosses would get better value out of training younger workers than older ones and one-fifth saying younger people should get priority over older people for promotion.

Eighteen per cent of respondents accused people who don’t retire at 65 of stealing jobs from younger people.

“This campaign is a 10- to 15-year project aimed at shifting views about growing older.

We have been given this gift of longer, healthier life and we really ought to make the most of it.”

Here is the link for further reading.

At RPR Trades we are an EEO, we welcome all candidates, we help, consult and guide all our candidates to better their career or return to work.

Give our branches a call www.rprtrades.com and let us help you not lose faith in the system, but to give you back the confidence you may have lost along the way.

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