Family and Domestic Violence Leave Applies Effective Today

As of December 12th 2018, Family and Domestic Violence Leave has been added to the National Employment Standards. This new entitlement allows an employee who is experiencing difficulties with family or domestic violence can now access up to 5 days of unpaid leave per year to deal with the impacts of this situation. This entitlement is for permanent, part-time and casual employees.

This time can be used in any way to better the employees situation. Evidence can be requested by the employee to verify the requirement for this unpaid leave. This evidence can be in the form of police reports, court documents, family violence support services documents or a statutory declaration from the employee.

For more information on Family and Domestic Violence Leave, see the Fair Work site’s leave section.

If you or someone you know is impacted by Family or Domestic Violence, you can see assistance at the website. RPR Trades employees and their families can seek additional assistance via the RPR Trades Employee Assistance Program.

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