Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business

Employees are your most valuable resource as they are the front of your business, yet many companies ignore and treat their employees poorly.

RPR Trades doesn’t fall in that category. They have gone out of their way to make sure their employees feel at home and are an asset to their business.  Working at RPR Trades is like working for a family run business and we as the employee in turn look after the business. We all feel a real sense of ownership for not only the work we do but the business as a whole.

I am a Candidate Services Consultant within the business and have found that at RPR Tradesyou are made to feel welcome and important and we want to make our candidates feel the same way. Without our candidates we cannot fulfill any client’s requirements. We rely on our candidates to represent RPR Trades in the best way possible out on site.

I have seen many employers take loyal employees for granted. They assume they will not leave so they refuse to consider any of their requests, whether it be a pay raise or even extra vacation time. I was a victim to such an organisation in the past. The care for the employees was very low and they held commission payments over our heads. However, I leaned you can’t buy loyalty, values and ethics, these things are freely given where they are deserved.

If you are looking for any work, make sure that you get in contact or register with RPR Trades so we can look after you as well as our great leader looks after us.

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