Why Get Social

Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube or Twitter, social media has taken a front seat in business marketing and communication in recent years.

But why should you get behind it? Why should you interact with businesses on social media?

  1. Social media is very cost effective. This allows businesses to give you the real story of their business, their people, and their offering, not just the expensive sales pitch.
  2. Social media is easy for everyone to use. Who doesn’t have a social media account these days? Everyone is there, everyone is watching and everyone is talking about it.
  3. Conversation – Not Promotion. Given the nature of social media there is the opportunity for a lot more “real” interaction with companies.
  4. Real time interaction is far more satisfying for you. Businesses have the opportunity to respond quickly to any query you have.
  5. Social media gives you a history. Not only of the evolution of a business, but of what other people have been saying about the business you’re looking at. You can see how well a business has dealt with issues or queries in the past, so you know how you’ll be dealt with in the future.
  6. You get a 360° view. Employees, marketing, customers, suppliers, lovers, haters – the works. There’s very little censorship, you get the good, the bad and the ugly. (a company is asking for trouble if they try)

All of this adds up to good news for the users of social media, and customers of companies using social media.

Get involved, have your say.

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