RPR Values & Pillars

Our Values

Do it, Mean it

We take great pride in honouring commitments, and in exceeding the expectations of anyone we might assist, always working with the utmost of urgency. We delight in helping others.

People People

Our business is entirely people-focused, and we relish the opportunity to nurture long-lasting relationships, built through trust, integrity, sincerity, humility, mutual respect and the highest degree of ethics.


We understand the importance of having both personal accountability and responsibility, as well as a collaborative and collegiate team approach, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

3 E’s: Empower, Encourage, Engage

We are committed to creating a blame-free culture where we help each other to be the best we can be.  We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves; we enjoy our time working together and we love a laugh.

No Limits

We set audacious goals, for we know that simply by striving to achieve them, by pushing ourselves and being hungry to learn and improve, we will succeed.  We back ourselves to achieve, for we are passionate and prepared to work harder than anyone else, in the knowledge that persistence, determination and wholehearted effort will win.

Our Pillars


There is simply no higher priority than ensuring the safety and wellness of our employees.


We approach every task, every conversation and every action with the utmost of professionalism, where speed, quality and high performance are our hallmarks.


We maintain absolute focus on our core markets and skills, developing a deep understanding, empathy and knowledge, that is valued greatly by our clients and candidates.


Entrepreneurial by nature, we are thirsty for knowledge and new ideas, constantly seeking better ways to deliver great solutions.


We understand the critical importance of optimal systems, structures and operating tools, in enabling our clients, our people and our business to succeed.