Hazard Management Should Never Be Underestimated

How many times after we hear about a workplace accident do we then hear ”we are conducting a full investigation into this matter and will take steps to ensure it does not happen again”.

The question should be asked …Could this have been avoided with a better focus on Hazard Management? Why are investigations being done after the incident has occurred when proactive management could have ensured the incident hadn’t happened from the start.

Hazard management is the most important safe work practice function we have. We all complete workplace assessments, conduct tool box talks covering a range of issues however being safety aware at all times when performing our duties is crucial.

Hazard management covers a range of areas; electrical equipment tagged, tested and compliant, regular inspections of all work areas and equipment, correct PPE worn at all times, shut down functions maintained, line marking highly visible, fork Lift awareness system of required standards and much more.

A crucial hazard often overlooked is being aware of your fellow workers, If an unsafe practice is observed this should be immediately reported, not only is this a danger to your colleague but to all other workers as well. A near miss should never be overlooked, a near miss is literally an accident waiting to happen. Near Misses are a proactive way of hazard management and are often overlooked. Make sure Near Misses are discussed at your next toolbox meeting. Something that you may think is minor could turn into a major safety incident down the track if not actioned now.

At RPR Trades we have a structured safety process that not only covers our candidates commitment to safety, but more importantly being hazard aware when working on our sites around Australia at ALL Times. We’re always talking safety with our candidates. Keeping safety front of mind is our top priority.

Continued Hazard Awareness in all areas will make a huge impact on the safety of all our workforce .

Be Proactive not Reactive … Stay safe and Hazard aware.

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