I was a former labourer under RPR Trades to earn some extra money after my university semester from Nov – Dec 2016 and I’d just like to commend the person whom had represented me during my employment. Sonia Gouveia was extremely helpful and had worked diligently to land me two positions, whilst always making it a point to check up on me and to see how things were going. I was prompted to send this because even 6 months after I had left my position, she’d gone to the effort of calling up and seeing how I was going. Whether or not this is standard protocol for all RPR representatives or not, I sincerely do appreciate all the work that Sonia had done for me. She had not only conducted herself in a professional manner, but was always positive, kind, friendly and courteous. Without a doubt, she is an exemplar of the kind of representatives that the RPR Trades have to offer.

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