Commonwealth Games Boosting GC Jobs

The Commonwealth Games, originally known as the XXI Commonwealth Games, or more commonly known as the Gold Coast 2018 Games are now complete.

The announcement was made in November 2011 that the Games were being held on the Gold Coast in 2018 and we had just over 6 years to get the city ready to accommodate over 4400 athletes, tens and thousands of spectators, numerous new and upgraded sporting venues and local attractions to accommodate for the event that lasted only 11 days. The Games had a big impact on the Gold Coast, with SEEKs data showing the Games created over 35,000 employment opportunities.

Getting ready for the Gold Coast Games also gave many businesses a flurry of work, including RPR Trades. We had the opportunity to work with some of our long-term existing clients as well as many new clients to make the Games the best it could be, and we thank you all for the opportunity. To see the end results of what you produced enabling such a huge event to take place on the Gold Coast was truly incredible.

Well done to the Gold coast for hosting a memorable Commonwealth Games event.

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