How does the Queensland Labour Hire Licencing Act assist workers?

RPR Trades have gladly met our obligations under the Queensland Labour Hire Licencing Act and submitted a Labour Hire Licence application which all labour hire companies are required to do before the 15th June 2018.

A lot of people are wondering why the Labour Hire Licencing Act is required and what the main benefits are. The main benefits of the act allows labour hire workers to ensure the following:

·      A safe workplace with reasonable hours, rest breaks and time off work

·      Payment of at least the minimum wage

·      Easy access to information relating to the terms and conditions of their employment

·      Fair treatment with respect and free from discrimination

·      Suitable accommodation and safe transport if this is provided to you as part of your employment

·      Entitlement to become a member of a union should you wish to

For more information on the Labour Hire Licencing Act please visit

RPR Trades fully supports the licensing of our industry as looking after on-hired employees in a safe and lawful manner is of paramount importance to us.

To check if your labour hire company is compliant you can visit the applications list at

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