How To Construct A Safe Place At Work

Constructions sites are places with infinite possibilities for accidents to occur. Although there are some incidents people don’t have control over, a lot of bad things continue to happen because of simple things that could have been have been avoided (way!) beforehand. Being a tenured construction worker won’t give you the immunity from all workplace accidents, but it may give you an upper hand as to how prevent these things from happening to you.


So what are the things you must ALWAYS keep in mind when working in a construction site?


  1. Make sure to wear the appropriate PPE.

It may seem that a piece of fabric may not do that much to protect you from a falling debris but wearing a complete set of protective personal protective equipment limits the chances of an injury.


  1. Keep your work space organized.

In an industry where a lot of tools, wires and other equipment is required, a tidy work area goes a long way especially in avoiding workplace trips and falls. Being “organised” doesn’t necessarily rely on cleanliness, but it’s about putting things in their right places to ensure no one trips while concentrating on other work.


  1. Take extra care in lifting objects.

Most people overestimate their strength in lifting objects and coupled with the fact that a lot of people still don’t know the proper posture, injuries while lifting objects are just common causes for workplace injury. Always remember to carry the weight from your legs/knees rather than your back.


  1. Be Vigilant.

It is critical that one is always alert to prevent any incident from happening. There is no room for spacing out in this industry, stay alert, look out for your mates and yourself.


  1. It is essential to have a First Aid Kit Handy.

Regardless of all the care taken, incidents will still happen at times. Having a First Aid Kit accessible for use lessens the risks for any further damage.


A lot could happen in just one day and it shouldn’t have to happen before someone starts to take action. It’s a lot better to be prepared and take all precautionary measures than to wait for an incident to happen. Construct a safe work place. And DO IT NOW! Safety doesn’t wait for you to “be ready”.

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