Olympic Lessons

I’m sure many of us are enjoying being Olympic Games devotees at the moment. Whilst reveling in the success of the Australian Team, and watching in awe at some of the feats, achievements and incredible obstacles overcome, I also know that Australians love to celebrate an iconic sportsperson, no matter where they are from. As Australia, and the world, contemplates whether Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time, I found the below article interesting, in understanding what has enabled Phelps to achieve an amazing 19 gold medals (at the time of writing!!):

6 Success Secrets from Michael Phelps

I’m sure you will agree that the “6 steps” used by Phelps provide some valuable lessons, both simple and practical, that we could also potentially apply to our own lives, whether professionally or personally. As always, it becomes a matter of priority, and discipline…..never as simple as it sounds of course.

No doubt there will be many more sources of inspiration as the Olympic juggernaut rolls on, and I expect that a certain Usain Bolt will ignite the “greatest Olympian of all time” debate even further when he literally takes over the show next week. Some more valuable lessons to be learned I’m sure.

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