Payroll Goes Online

Forget about manually filling out forms to get paid for the days you’ve worked. An exciting change has come for RPR Trades’ payroll system. Instead of manual recordkeeping, online timesheets are now being rolled out to clients in different states. The process also encompasses the interpretation of the timesheet (breakdown of hours according to award rules). It is efficient in addressing several persistent issues with the paper timesheets. Among these issues are the following:

  • lost timesheets
  • illegible timesheets
  • poor quality of timesheets
  • ability to rollout timesheet changes
  • fraudulent timesheets
  • integration into payroll systems
  • consistent timesheet breakdown
  • increased reporting ability
  • central timesheet access
  • less paper waste

RPR Trades has already utilised this new system with some of its largest clients and they have seen an improvement with time keeping. Everyone is being accounted for, without the risk of losing documentation. A lot of advantages could also be gained by using Online Timesheets. For one, they are easy to generate. It eliminates the amount of unnecessary work that needs to be done since paper documents take much effort to compile and organize. It is also flexible as customisation can easily be done and it automatically apply these changes in accordance to the business’ needs. It also saves time as everything is being done at a click of a button. Then what’s left to do is to have it validated with the Supervisor and it’s all ready to be processed by the Payroll Department.

Change is inevitable especially in a growing industry. Online Timesheets is just one of the changes that RPR Trades utilises in keeping Attendance Monitoring fast but still efficient.

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