Time To Think

Our lives are busy. Our workplaces are busy. Our homes are busy. Our roads are busy. Our minds are busy. Busy, busy, busy. When do we get time to stop and just think? And what would happen if we did it more often?

As the Corporate Services Manager for RPR Trades, my role is looking to the future and how we can improve what we’re doing, while still ensuring our day to day activities are running smoothly. The forward planning takes thought, it takes brain power, it takes staring into space time.

We don’t see people staring off into space and associate it with work – but maybe we should. Maybe we all need to put more stock in the value of this. Think of the phenomenal things your brain can do then imagine for a moment what it could do if you gave it the chance to shine. Give yourself some space, time and a topic or problem and then just let yourself think.

I know what happens when I give my brain complete free reign. It goes to all the things I have forgotten, it skips off to rainbows and unicorns, random memories float to the surface, it wonders if there is any chocolate in the fridge, it considers taking a nap whilst berating me for not going for a bike ride this morning. It’s a disorganised mess.

I’m not suggesting the above is work. I’m talking about thinking, not daydreaming! The kind of thinking time I am advocating is contemplative time on a specific topic with an outcome in mind.

What do you think? Or are you too busy being busy to give any time to thinking?

There’s some interesting articles about thinking out there, but far less than I thought I would find!

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