Turning a Negative into a Positive

At RPR Trades we work closely with clients and workers to provide not only a safe work environment for the worker, but a suitably skilled, ticketed worker that will fulfil 100% of the client’s requirements.

Like any company we are not completely immune, and though we do many critical checks (including site assessments, risk identification and controls, and regular safety check ins) both prior and whilst we are trading with clients, workplace incidents can still happen.  Despite continually working with candidates to confirm ongoing suitability of roles, identifying red flags that need further investigation, tool box talks, supply of PPE, etc there are still occasions where an injury may occur. Though this is not acceptable, the measures in place provide a greater chance of avoiding accidents and/or mitigating the severity of any injuries.

Despite every effort and precaution however, things do still sometimes go wrong. It is important to remember that although this negative situation has arisen, this is now an opportunity to be pro-active and create a positive outcome. Although the initial stages may lead you to feel that you are being reactive, it is important to work beyond this.

For most responsible companies, the notification of an incident or injury will launch an established process which should provide all the care and information required to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all parties.

This is personally relevant to me, as unfortunately one of our On-Hire Employees was recently involved in a workplace event resulting in a minor injury. Certainly, this could be looked upon negatively based on the time and cost to the business, inconvenience to the client, and most importantly to the impact on the employee who is injured, however there are positives everywhere.

The positive relationship RPR Trades had with the employee prior to the injury fostered early notification.

The trust the employee put in RPR Trades to arrange and attend medical appointments and work within a formal process that can otherwise feel impersonal.

On the other side, there has been great engagement with our client, a small business who has worked closely with RPR Trades to further identify holes in their work practices, and the positive steps they are taking to avoid this from occurring in future.

Finally, the teamwork and support RPR Trades have provided to enable me to be equipped to oversee this incident.

For the client where the injury occurred, this has been a pivotal point where they realised if they are to continue to do business and employ staff, they needed to further improve their process and practices. As a result of RPR Trades using their expertise to work closely with them, the client is putting into place appropriate and positive changes.

This recent incident has demonstrated how RPR Trades are continuing to enact the goal of continuous improvement and the ongoing work in assisting small to medium sized clients to do the same. Continuous Improvement means that we continue to build upward from a solid base platform to achieve stronger outcomes.

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